Saturday, November 20, 2010

The most important meal of the day

As a Vegan, breakfast is not my most important meal of the day. In fact, I dread eating before 11a now. I remember not getting dress before eating a hot bowl oatmeal with morning coffee. But I wore that routine out. Now that it seems like it's my only HOT meal option before lunch (which is usually cold too), I have grown out of oatmeal. I miss having options, such a luxury that we take for granted in this country. In one city block you can enjoy a plethora of worldly cuisine types. There's NO other country quite like it. Nevertheless, breakfast is special, less dish options but so many possibilities, and you can still get it fast! Vegans? We gotta plan ahead or eat cold foods. Apples, bananas, and soy yogurt are all great, but who wants to eat their afternoon snacks for breakfast, everyday? No thank you, I'll bypass the "most important" and hold out for the most satisfying.

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Social Network

Better late than never right?! Well it's probably not that serious, but I did finally see the movie about the birth, growth, and drama of the social networking tool that we know all too well, Facebook. Beyond learning about the life-changing side effects that were bestowed on all parties involved in creating and growing Facebook, The Social Network reveals exactly what it takes to start start a business with such a wildly innovative concept for its time. The co-founder Mark Zuckerberg illustrated an unwavering ability to focus on crafting the algorithmic programs and ascetics of the website. As an undergraduate student at Harvard Unuversity, one of the most prestigious and rigorous institutions in th world, he envisioned a cool concept and completely immersed himself in "The Facebook" in his college dorm room! It was cool to watch how him work relentlessly on coding, concepts, features, and funding. There's a great quote that was once said by insightful person, (something like) "Our ability to focus is what dictates our success." Not money. Not intelligence. But our ability to FOCUS! The ability to put our fears and doubts aside and just focus on the task at hand. Moving on to the next task, and the task after that, this will eventually lead us to even greater achievements. In 2004, Zuckerberg did not initiate his work on to become the world's youngest billionaire or to even gain 1 million users. Nope! He through himself into the project so vigorously because he believed that his ideas were cooler, and he just focused on producing his vision. The writing for this movie is spectacular, and the underlying moral is even greater.