Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Obese Skunk Battles Bacon Addiction

Awww I feel so bad for this poor guy. Mr. Bumble, the skunk from Scotland, is twice his happy weight. His former humans (I despise the word "owner") routinely fed him unhealthy BACON sandwiches! Currently, Mr. Bumble tips the scale at a whopping 14lbs. However, he is now on a healthy vegetarian diet along with a daily exercise regimen to lose 7lbs. Good Luck Mr. Bumble!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Pictured here: The Yellowstone Grizzly Bear who is back on the endangered species list.


Apple and the Environment: Bigger picture, Better products. Smaller impact.

The Apple and the Environment website has been updated with a plethora of info for consumers to read about Apple's environmental impact. This innovative technology company accounts for its greenhouse gas emissions throughout the entire product life cycle. Moreover, Apple encourages product recycling through its retail stores, offering customer discounts. It's definitely worth a look.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Green-over YOUR kitchen!

Green-Over: an eco-friendly recipe makeover. Check out the Big Green Cookbook for a green kitchen checklist, over 200 recipes, and tips for going organic and buying food locally.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Listen Up!

"I’ve found that a person does not need protein from meat to be a successful athlete. In fact, my best year of track competition was the first year I ate a vegan diet."
-Mr. Carl Lewis, 10x Olympic Medalist
From the introduction of Very Vegetarian

Courtesy of OrganicAthlete

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wacky Wednesday!

Courtesy of Coach B!

Daily Dose of Vegan Soapbox

Watch. Reflect. Take action!

Starbucks Launches a Cup-recycling Pilot Program

I was just thinking to myself, "I wish there was a recycling bin for paper cups," as I was leaving the campus Starbucks last night, blurry-eyed from an unsuccessful attempt to bang out a 500 word essay. The paper was completed this morning, and just as well, I wake to find this great news! Starbucks began the program last week, implementing it in 7 different stores in NYC. I think this program can be highly successful because I realize how much people love to drink Starbucks and do not always remember their reusable mugs and cups. I'm often guilty of this, especially when on the go.

Update on TerraCycle!

TerraCycle Collects Scotch Tape for Reuse, Expands Into London

They just keep growing! TerraCycle will expand its upcycling operations to the U.K. and Europe. They have developed a new project, partnering with 3M. Instead of upcycling recycled tape dispensers, TerraCyle will collect, empty, and send the dispensers back to 3M for reuse! Now that's the power of GREEN!

Friday, September 11, 2009

TerraCycle to UPCYCLE its revenue!

TerraCycle Inc. is just eight years old. It was founded by a Princeton University freshman named Tom Szaky. However, today, this company is growing FAST. According to, "Chief Executive Tom Szaky said the firm expected sales of its "up-cycled" bags, pencil cases, and garden products to hit $10 million (£6.1m) this year, before increasing to $50 million during 2010." So how'd he do it? With passion for sustainable living and a cool new word for recycling. The term "upcycle" means to reuse non-recyclable waste materials and create eco-friendly products like a "Drink Pouch Backpack" or "Cookie Wrapper Pencil Case." Watch for this growing GREEN company!

Soy-Based Toner for HP Printers

A BIG step in the right direction. The Soy-based toner is only available is some HP products, but it is on the market!

Where the Wild Things Are. Again.

Today, the US Department of Health and Human Services introduced their new campaign to fight childhood obesity. It will include characters from Maurice Sendak's classic, "Where the Wild things Are." The campaign will promote the benefits of daily activity and play like the main character in the book enjoyed. I think its interesting how the government is using a throwback like the Wild Things to get kids attention rather than some flashy, expensive technology gadget. This program can be very successful with kids, family, and educators participation involved.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Natural Beauty

The Sunflower. Up-close and awesome!